4 Sanitation to help your home bakery

Clean and organized homes do not have to be taken up all the time. Follow these four best tips to help you keep things on track.

1. Keep the family message area. Place where you can take a message and leave. Because all mail is classified and assigned. Have this place near the phone and with a notepad and pens and pencils. Place a magnetic wipe from the table with a cork bar to send comments. A diary listing all family dating and doing is also a good idea.

2. Do not try to keep home together. Train your children to help clean and organize your chores and hide your partner. Share the load. And you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

3. If it's a big job to deal with, talk to the whole house. It might even be fun. Such as cleaning the basement or attic. Painting in the room. Have a contest like who can collect most leaves or award prizes at the end of the big project.

4. Distribute your cleanup. Do not wait for Saturday to try to clean the entire home. And do not try to do all the laundry, vacuum and dust at once. Break it up. Touch the bathroom for a few minutes each day and spend 15 minutes once a week, clean it deep. Plan a drawer a day instead of dealing with all the drawers in your kitchen at a time.

With just a little organization and planning, you can create your home page.

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