Evaluate hotel systems, incorporate designers to the team

Cleaning is often one of the last departments that consult with food and purchase of a hotel management system and sometimes not at all. Since the design department is usually one of the largest departments of a hotel or resort, providing the tools that need to be more efficient, not only helps provide better services but also contributes to the efficient use of employees and cost reduction .

The primary concern of the Housing Department regarding asset management is to have access to readable displays and reports so that they can take care of the status of accommodation at any time and to easily and quickly update guest rooms in the asset management system.

With a network interface, the home administrator is able to upgrade the room rate in the asset management system simply by entering a code in the host phone to adjust the room rate as pure in the asset management system of the property. When mentors follow their views, they may then throw in a code to design the rooms as viewed. At this point, the room will be available to the customer service to check the hotel's guests.

It is also the responsibility of the housekeeping department to manage rooms that require fixes or updates to keep them in accordance with the standard. Tracking and maintenance reporting is necessary, such as having the ability to keep the history of these features to prevent development or refer back to the future.

The ability to monitor maintenance in common areas, such as hobbies, meeting rooms, public hospitals and clinics is the key to maintaining these areas as acceptable. Keeping the service conditions high implies efficient tracking and management of maintaining the property and claiming that it is good.


* Have a member of the housing department as a member of the system assessment group.

* Make sure the screen and reports are easy to read information about the room.

* Make sure the network is compatible with the ownership system to meet local status through telephone rates.

* Confirm that accommodation and reporting for accommodation is available.

* Confirm that matching and reporting to a common area is available.

Enjoy your asset management assessment!

Source by Jeff Sefton

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