Flipping Out – Home Design Like Life Opinion (An Opinionated Review)

There is something totally appealing about Flipping Out, Bravo TV channel, based on LA Real Estate Spectator Jeff (I can still bring my eyebrows) Lewis. Watching it is similar to taking a bath in a narcissistic, self-absorbed world that only places like southern California could produce. There is a visual and physical occasion for LaLa land and neo-narcissism; me to the power of billions.

Home design as a feed for great comedy or should it be a Greek tragedy? Because something is really sad about this program; Perhaps it's a real human attitude that is only running for the benefit of all who buy and browse, not to mention all that rents and rents.

It is also a testament to how far human development has evolved – where is meteorite when you need it? If Jeff Lewis is a sign of how far we have come as a species – Darwin would not be broken, but then again, maybe he would be kitty pink – maybe this is just what we (humanity) deserve.

Point is, Flipping Out is as enjoyable as it happens. The characters are much more fun than anything you find today on the hodge-podge TV series … only House comes somewhere close to getting what's human nature at its best.

Indeed, it's very hard to believe this reality show is not written. The characters are a bit strange, but only a well-marched writer might cause them to such an abundance, or perhaps the realm of Southern California is such a magnet for eccentricity, everything is possible. Even then, to put them together in one reality show is a championship, from Zoila, a sassy Nicaragua homeowner to Chris, who bumbling the trash guy to a well-liked partner Ryan; They all come together as a solid explanation and etched in our minds.

The only television show that comes near Flipping Out is Seinfeld. Perhaps this comparison is inevitable as Jeff's sidekick and personal assistant Jenni Bares is an unnerving resemblance to Elaine. She calms Jeff down through one crisis after another … whether it's a cruel customer, to remove human feces after the employee's improvements to buy the next numerous dollar property.

Although Jeff has the obvious ability to find real estate owners and completely rebuild them, it is undoubtedly one of selfishness and self-reliance on people you will always enjoy. Everything in this tidy, controlled world is based on Jeff and Jeff's needs. The order of the auction (which is the favorite time in the show) takes on a new meaning in this reality show. Hundred and Eighty Degrees Coffee, anyone?

Watching Flipping Out is very addictive; Like all good performances of reality we are drawn into the characters & # 39; lives without continuing. We see all Jeff's wishes expanded: his obsessive compulsive problems, his childish behavior, his self-esteem, his obsession with balance and detail … he makes Holmes on Homes look like an enthusiastic DIY builder. Well, not really, but they share the same passion for true construction that is totally reassuring in modern mortgage lending, like Mainstreet USA.

Jeff gets no respect, at least not from his employees, as he strikes more like personal slaves than anything that resembles even men. From Jeff's own occupation, he considers himself the biggest baby papa in all of California, rather than an employer. It's probably the best because how he worries about his staff, it's amazing how anyone could work for him and keep his respect intact. Make sure you quit before you run away so that you can continue to close the hanging square of human dignity.

Why Jeff appears that a very very good boy is a real mystery. Perhaps deep down, we see more of Jeff in ourselves and our own works, but some of us want to believe or even admit – sympathy brings sympathy. Who does not want to be total selfish trembling now and then? Hedonism has its takers, and narcissism has more than just the charming inner child in all of us. OCD aside, Peter Pan and Jeff Lewis got it right; nobody ever grows real.

Who would have imagined it, a home design that lifes all of us forever. Only in real life could such unethical silliness be taken and enjoyed. Do not be disturbed that you should be bothered by others you … just welcome you to turn out.

Source by Titus Hoskins

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