National Housekeeping Week – What will the hotel do to recognize your server?

What will your hotel do for the National Housekeeping Week this year?

If you did not know your cleaning this year, shame on you. Get started now for next year.

Our hotel truly felt, and I have to say I'm very proud. Each day we had an event in the living room. The housewives loved it. We gave out medals to the people who won ….. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We even cover money.

On Thursday night we had all picnic workers. We had delicious food, which was served to us by Banket Style, snow cones, basketball net …. so much. That was awesome. And for fun, we rented a dunking tank for all the Secretary to go in.

Employees paid $ 1 per ball to radiate it in order to thank its manager. Yes, even the manager got it. We collected $ 300.00 that we donated to the children's favor on site. It was very fun.

On Friday they got watercraft with our mark on it and final contests ended in the living room. They really liked it.

The Housekeeping Staff smiled, laughed and had a great time. It was truly bound. And we hardly ever called outs all week.

It has been completed since Friday. Individuals still show off the medals.

I think we took what we needed. We did not really have to pay out except our cost of food and some tip for the employees (2 of them). What we needed was our time. And it costs nothing.

Building Judgment, Teamwork and Trust …. This will be your award for taking time to celebrate the National Event.

So for next year Service ID, acknowledge your Customer Service. Think about it. This is a hard labor that we certainly do not want to do. And for the usual smallest amount of pay. They deserve some attention.

Source by Amber Lee

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