Neff Oven – Good design agency approved

Neff Ovens are available in order of one in a row six, with a sixth row with the highest specifications and a series one is basic. There are three types of oven in the Neff family. Individual radiators are Neff's flagship product. They can be purchased on their own or with a built-in microwave. Double ovens in Neff are two cavities and at least three different cooking options. Neff's stoves have either one large oven, double pit or three separate pit. Both models have a large burner stove with six burners and are flexible and easy to use.

CircoTherm® cooking equipment is available in a variety of styles and finishes. Neff introduced CircoTherm® cooking 30 years ago, and the method continues to be a benchmark for all fans. The system works by dragging air into the oven with a powerful fan. The air is then heated and forced back into the cavity through channels in the back wall. Heated air spreads constantly around the oven, which means that the temperature can be achieved more efficiently and even more than in versions that do not have this technology.

Both U1644 and U1564 double Neff radiators feature CircoTherm® technology.

These are available in standard size, but also in smaller sizes for kitchens that do not have enough space for the new device. The B1724 model is only 45cm high, but they have managed to maintain the same level of activity. This particular model is one oven and contains Circoterm® technology. The H5430 is a microwave model and fits into a 50 cm wide wall cabinet. The smaller devices can still be customized to some extent in a hat that can be combined with other small appliances, including a mix and fit a domino hob and a bad dishwasher.

All available Neff radiators have the option of stainless steel, which is usually the most convenient option, which is easy to keep clean and also easy to align with other stainless steel devices. If you decide to go in stainless steel, you will probably be happy to know that all of Neff's stainless steel parts are with & Steelmans, & # 39; which prove that they are made of genuine stainless steel. Some devices are also available in other colors, such as black, brown or white.

All these culinary products are graduated AG to give the energy efficiency rating of the device. It is the same with all devices. Since 2003, all electric furnaces have been required by law to provide energy labels for their devices. All Neff radiators are graduated with A or B.

Neff Ovens have won several awards, including the Good Housekeeping Institute, which approves two Neffs Ovens. The U1644 was awarded the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2005 and the B1644 model was awarded the stamp in 2006. Both of these stoves were installed through rigorous testing plans that looked at all aspects of the features, functionality and performance.

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