Pregnant Momma Sanitation

It's strange but true paradoxical mother after birth that when you're most vulnerable physically and emotionally and most people in need of rest, you want a spotless nest for your new little one. Here are some tips to help you enjoy postparts of the season and stop worried about home work.


Most women, often shortly before they go to work, experience natural energy speed and overwhelming desire to clean and organize. Use this time wisely. Instead of folding and repeating new clothes, do some spring cleaning. Build your baseboards – be sure to sleep instead of crossing while doing this. Squatting is a great exercise for pregnant mom. It covers the inner thigh (they need to be flexible when pushing the child out), feeling comfortable on your back and even helping your child get the correct pace in pre-delivery.

Buy paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery and cups for use after the child arrives. Now is not the time of obsession or being guilty of Mother Earth. You need to focus on your mother! Buy recycling if it makes you feel better. If you waste dirty dishes when you have a newborn you will go far toward keeping the kitchen clean. Spring for some of these disposable cleaning also wipes so you do not have extra laundry.

Make Detailed De-Cluttering

The rule most professional organizers use is: If you have not used it a year, you probably do not need it or it would be better to just rent the item in question rather than own and store it. Go through the closet, attic and garage and throw, throw, throw. And review all the little knickknacks and what you have around your home. These are dusty magnetic and will probably be installed when the child starts to crawl anyway.

Ask for help

It's very difficult in some independent cultures to ask for the help you need and deserve. But do not try to be a strong individual. Most native cultures expect little new mom for several months after birth. It is forgiven and protected by women in society.

Let me ask you: Would you like to say goodbye to a friend after she called you to ask for help? Of course not. It can even build a bug of friendship between you. So do not be afraid to call your network for support for help.

Ask friends, family, neighbors, people you worship with other mothers at the moments you attend, etc. For assistance. Do not forget your baby's father too! And consider hiring help if you possibly can. Remind your mother and mother in law that housekeeping services are a great child-giving gift.

The period of "grandchildren" after birth occurs so quickly. Enjoy every minute and take lots of pictures. The child will soon be crawling and then teenagers, and then the house will look very interesting!

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