Retro Logging and Cleaning Tips

Retro is very big now, so I thought I would share these planning and home remedies from my mom – probably from 1950-60. Just reading they went back to wonderful memories at home.

My mother generally tried shopping, post office and farm when the family was seven children. I used to think that our place was chaotic and slick. Now that I remember, I now realize how organized my mom really was.

Yes, we had a towel on all our weapons weapons to protect them from wear. My mother had a cardboard eaten on top of each of the two deep-frozen puffs and analyzed the contents of each one. She would generate pictures inside the cover of the packet.

But there was always a saucepan on the stove and a group of bread in the oven. I truly appreciate her organizational skills more than when I was seventeen.

I hope you read this and have a good laugh and also remember some wonderful memories:

  • I'm so tired of hunting through drawer for a local assessment; I think I'd use them more if they were handier. Hang them on a pilshanger or you can even save them under the sofa pillows (at least they keep flat!)
  • I want to have herb, but I really have a tight budget. What ideas for a home that is created? You bet your boots and I have some ideas! Two pound cardboard cheese box covered shelf paper or glue-baked paper will hold six cans of spice.
  • I have a new automatic drip coffee machine, but my percolator is still good. What can I do with the percolator? You can boil eggs, boil a cat or a little grain on your ears or hold it in hot water to make instant tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
  • What can you do with old electric kits that no longer work? How about removing your feet and using it as a skillet on top of your stove? Or if it's still, then it can make a nifty feeding bowl for your pet.
  • The holes on my salt barrier are too big. Make a little paste with flour and water. Put some into several holes, and when it dries paste acts like cement.
  • I'm frustrated because I have to dig through the drawer to find my canoeing. A few solutions to this inconvenience – tie a strap or yarn on the opener to blink it easily, or attach it to a magnetic hook in the refrigerator.
  • How can I store sharp knives? Fill a coffee pot or plastic container about three quarters full of uncooked rice and store the knife blade down into the can.
  • My electric curlers no longer work? Heat curlers in boiling water. Then use as usual.
  • I hate soggy bathrobe. Most nonslip mattresses will stand on the tile wall and dry. Or cut off the top of the bottle bottle, cover some holes, roll the food up, put it in the container and stand it in the corner of the bathroom to train.
  • I use a few different tones in lipstick and they actually replace my wardrobe when they fall over. Use the plastic plate from any spray, holding two or three lipsticks.
  • (This is my favorite!) How can spots on the carpet around the toilet cabinet be removed? (Ewww, please say rip it out!) More likely, the spots are bleached and can not be removed. However, take color colors on your carpet and color on the spot. Then put the iron in a low position, put the wax paper over the spot and warm until the color is melted.
  • I hate cleaning the top of the water bottle on my back. It will be covered with dust and dust so quickly. Put on top of a towel or cut an old place mat in two and use it. Just turn it over when needed and wash it once for a while.
  • Need to push the hair tape to speed up? Why not catch it curling iron.
  • Instead of traditional silver, buy fishnet from the aquarium in the pet shop.

Did you find yourself under your breath …. Cast out and buy new !? I did … LOL. It also made me realize how devastating this era was and actually what it was in the castle we have become. But we are correcting it, are not we? I have set up a recycling center, I give, give it away, give her a new role or car rental. But, some things are just describing the ole blow hoe!

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