Sanitation for children

Today's day, children see their parents cook by the stove, clean the house with broom and mop. Most children take responsibility, learn to clean themselves and take care of their friends and family by looking at their parents.

In most child protection centers there are sanitary napkins. In these corners, children perform one of the most important form of a game – fun game. Playful play helps children to enhance their imagination and develop their creativity using the symbolic things they care about. For example, doll as a child, pretend to eat plastic tomatoes and carrots and clean the "house" with a childish broom. These actions do more than keep children occupied at half an hour meeting. Although most youth scientists know the importance of these games, parents often overlook the importance of it and often let go of "just playing".

When a child is playing in the corner with his friends or siblings, he expands his verbal relationship with his playmates and takes up new sentences and builds his vocabulary. He is also developing socially by learning to share his toys. He is proud to be able to do a job he often sees on adults and does his own abilities.

A child resembles and understands family and home understanding by playing a sense of humor. With this activity he begins to understand the role and responsibility of others, for example in most families, mothers cook and sometimes help fathers clean up after each meal. He will gradually develop a positive view of his abilities and could begin to get help at home as well.

There are many items that can be put in a sanitary napkin to enhance the child's play experience, such as dolls, uniforms and costumes, phones and cookware with pots and pans. By placing familiar things, even if they are toys, give children the opportunity to explore and perceive the world around them. You can have a child-safe playground for children to make "cookies". By kneading the dough and cutting them with a cookie cutter, the toddler can develop a fine and large-scale mold. By providing uniforms in household help, the child can let and participate in the role of a policeman, firefighter or nurse.

Children never evolve in one area at a time. After many years of work with children, high schools recognize the importance of overall theory. Giving children the opportunity to explore and play is important, but more useful for children is guiding, which means that parents and teachers offer appropriate materials and toys in development and create a comfortable and fun corner for them. Children are learning new content every day, with the help and guidance of adults or even older children, they can achieve their potential and have fun at the same time. Never think that children only play toys and spend time learning to grow through a game.

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