Sanitation, Health and Consensus

Whether your home is big or small, in the city or in the country, there is space that should embrace you with comfort, health, beauty and sense of harmony.

As author of Cheryl Mendelson states, "When you keep a house, use your head, your heart and your hands to make a home."

As Feng Shui involves a good cleaning of our commitment to our attention to our health and our environment. We have a significant impact on the environment we live in. It is to our benefit when these environments support our health and well-being. An easy way to do this is by choosing a cleaner.

Did you know that indoor air pollution is often higher than aircraft clearance? One of the reasons is the kind of cleaning agents we use in general.

According to the Real Simple magazine, April 2009 issue, the following cheap items can provide you with natural household solutions.

  1. Lemons. The syrup in lemon juice removes dirt and stains. It is particularly effective when it is mixed with salt and used as a detergent. Lemons cut fat, eliminate odor and even remove lime scale.
  2. Essential Oil . One of my favorites! When mixed with white vinegar cleans tea-tree oil cleaned floors. Orange oil is great to remove greasy, clad items. (Think rubber stuck in the rug.) Citrine oil removes soaps from doors doors and lavender mixed with water makes a huge window washer that also prevents flies!
  3. Liquid castile soap. This soap based plant is gentle and thorough to remove dirt from floors, banners, leather linings, sinks, showers, even stoves and heaters.
  4. Borax . Add borax to detergent to make it more efficient. Use it to clean your baseboards, tapes and walls. Mix a little with water to glue and use it to clean pots and pans. Borax is great to remove rust, put it on the toilet, let it soak overnight and rinse the stain!
  5. acetic. Simple distilled white vinegar prevents mold and mildew growth. Use it to clean your coffee machine, dishwasher, drain, floor, glassware, showerhead and concrete.

These five natural objects can clog almost all household cleanings without adding harmful pollutants to the environment and cost less than the benefits. You have nothing to lose and improve health and well-being to accomplish by changing your cleaners. Learning ways to live better, health and balance of life is the foundation of sustainable living. And a sustainable life is to live with the principles of feng shui – you just can not know it!

Feng Shui is appreciation and understanding of the importance of maintaining balance in all areas of our lives. As we embrace the principles of feng shui along with sustainable lifestyles, we embrace real health, harmony and balance in our lives.

Source by Laurie Bornstein

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