Sanitation Services – Cleaning Instructions

Here are some of our favorite housewares we want to share with you,

a. Ceramic tile floors – they are well taken care of sweeping and moping regularly. Just pouring some liquid detergents into a pile of clean water will make the job work well. Too much soap or detergents will make the floor slip and cling.

b. Blind – Wipe the blinds with a damp drier. Same works for television and screen screens. This eliminates the static position that attracts the dust.

c. Pet cleaning from carpet and upholstery – you can try pet speed or pole light wrapped around your hand and slowly bump along the blanket to remove your hair. Or you can use vacuum with a brush roll for this purpose.

d. Old spots – An old and dry spot is sometimes impossible to remove. But you can try it with a bacterium / enzyme inducer, as the bacteria can create enough ammonia that helps break the spot. You must neutralize the spot after the digester is about 4-5 hours. Mix a solution containing vinegar and warm water and rinse the area with the solution.

e. Wooden floors – You can clean each wooden floor by using 1/3 cup of vinegar mixed with a liter of hot water. Never get a wooden floor to be too wet or to dry naturally. Wooden floors are best to clean your hands and knees.

f. Kitchen Cabinets – Never use a detergent in the closets. Store aerosol dispensers for all purposes, clean available and always spot clean after using a heavy kitchen. To get rid of stubborn dirt, wash the handles and the fatty area. Then wash the interior of the cabinet. If your cabinets are old from wear, spray polish furniture once a year to come back to life.

g. Windows – The fastest way to clear windows is with a squeegee and window wand. Only use a cleaner with the window guard and pull the dirt on the wet clip

h. Smell removal – let the sun enter the house will sometimes help to get rid of the smoke and clear the smell from the rest of your house. Increase airflow in the house by opening all the windows, turn on fans and doors wherever you can. You can also get a little odorless and put it in your dining room that will work like magic.

Source by Francis Murphy

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