The role of a woman in the world

When you get right, this world would not be the same without women. The older I get, the wiser I get and tolerate. I think tolerance is from a sense that only comes from having lived many lives at once and walking for a million miles. Men can say what they want but watch when they get old, they do not feel safe without a woman. There is only something about homework and cooking, they can not get any other way.

I recently took a job that includes sanitation and assistance to the elderly and closure. Just being around them, makes me grateful for my strong body and quick mind. There is one elderly person, especially who lives in a 5-wheel bicycle, permanently parked in a campsite. His neighbors are all individuals or widows of elderly men and they match for comfort, friendship and meals.

I get back to work once a week and work about roughly an hour, dust and suck and clean up. Though I'm there, his buddies just become & # 39; by sitting on the terrace with him. It starts with a neighbor and ends with 4 or 5 men sitting around the terrace listening to the sounds coming from the trailer. Vacuum, dusty, wash dishes. I catch my mind, sometimes and I know they are sharing a woman's presence with her companions. Just having a woman who controls a vacuum cleaner and makes listening noise is nutrition for their souls. I do not care, I know I only help them by being there.

The older man in the house "relying on me, some of the strange things that one would ever imagine. He hardly knows me but when he told me he had a woman's wife 50 miles away, came to visit him, spent I'm a little extra effort to make it clean and clean.

When I was ready, I curled over and whispered to him: "When you go too soon you do not believe the little excuses. Next week, he informed me that he'd got "# 39" lucky. I smoked. There are so few comforts when you are old, sick and sick and I am pleased that I have found a way to provide something for another person. It's amazing what a gift it is, just to be present among these old people, comparing to the aroma of the woman, but pretending not to notice.

So women, when you feel neglected or taken Let me assure you that without you the world is cold and strong. They do not tell you this. They can not even realize what this world would be like without you. chores, is a great gift for those around you. It's not just a clean home or ready meals. There is a feeling of caring for what does not come to them, in another way.

Source by Judy Sims

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