Types of housing plan

The budget is subject to the hotel or establishment. Hotels or facilities may be smaller or larger. The bigger they are more complex.

To a lesser degree hotels or facilities are usually front office, cleaning and maintenance and the cost is controlled mainly by the owner with the CEO. They were key employees in the preparation of the annual plan with the assistance of an accountant or accounting body. The budget needed to work for the whole year is based on past years and other related costs that will affect the preparation of the budget for next year.

To a greater extent a hotel, costs can be very complicated as the operation varies from departments that are created to facilitate the operation of the hotel. Some international hotels, the budget is prepared by each department head with the assistance of the CFO and the Chief Executive Officer and sent to the owner / company for approval. Once acknowledged, each head of department is responsible for ensuring that the assigned budget is monitored and controlled based on the housing ratio. The manager receives a copy of the budget results at the end of each month and handles them with the head of department.

Larger examples Hotels are: Management, Front Office, Housekeeping, Laundry, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Finance, Human Resources, Recreation and other departments designed to suit the smooth functioning of the hotel. Each of these departments has subdivisions, such as Front Office with order and bikerservice / reception; Laundry service, uniform, linen, trimming, flower shop, gardening and landscaping, costume equipment (the latter may also be allocated engineering); Engineering with wooden houses, masonry, electrical, mechanical, computer technology, etc .; Food and beverage with restaurants and outside facilities; Kitchen with pastry; Finance with procurement, receipt and storage; Recreation with swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, spa, etc. Manneed with training and clinic.

Cleaning and other departments of the hotel operate within a two-way budget. Operational budget and budget.

1) The operating plan is the allocation of expenses for each item / s required by the faculty in order to be successful. In the case of hotel operations, cost control is based on occupancy rate. The budget for the month may vary from time to time as forecasts in other regions or countries are unreliable or unpredictable.

The basic features of sanitation are as follows:

a) Staffing

b) Bed linen and towels

c) Hosts and facilities

d) Cleaning supplies

e) Washing products

f) Machine, Tools and equipment

g) Decoration

h) Miscellaneous

i) Printing and Stations

Items / s or sections of cleaning that are usually shared between other departments, such as:

1) Repair and Maintenance

This type of budget is usually divided between housekeeping and engineering

2) Joint budget

Joint expenses are prepared by the executive designer with all the elegance, comfort, durability, styles, colors and functionality of the uniformity chosen for each department. Once a special style of uniforms has been chosen, he is then in agreement with the concern department and when the manager of the homeowner receives approval, she then sends to the general manager for overall coordination of style, colors, functionality, etc. which reflects the correct picture perception of the entire hotel in the eyes of the guests. The last step will be to support the financial controller for the allocation of the budget for each department.

3) Decoration

Entertainment is one of the leagues at the hotel, which helps and helps to make the hotel inside and outside the building. Decoration can be a flower change, fresh and ready according to the hotel's policy as hotels are banning the use of artificial flower arrangements for the risk of fire, picture frames, statues, carvings, tapestries, artifacts and many others are examples of decorations. Flower request requests appeared to be the most important items in the hotel, whether for a room, food and beverage, an outdoor restaurant, hotel lobby, conference centers and other areas requiring a flower shake.

4) Printing and Stations

Front Office and Housekeeping are two departments that share this budget.

5) Various

This type of budget can be paid between the cleaning and the second department depending on the cost incurred.

Other Type of Property is Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Finance Cost The budget is the allocation of funds for a particular project or item that will help and assist the operation of the hotel. In the case of cleaning, the project may be something that requires replacement or an additional sanitary ware, laundry and dryer, to build a new laundry for outside clients, replace a vacuum cleaner, change the worn space or furniture that is usually done on the floor or after items . Typically, the CAPEX Fund is assigned in the same way as how the operating plan has been allocated in the coming year. Therefore, projects / s are achieved and completed on a yearly basis, especially if the items / s have a certain lifetime, as exchange is made separately each year. Thus the hotel or facilities are well maintained, equipped and preserved as new. It is through the CAPEX Fund that the hotel's maintenance works best and at the same time avoiding depreciation of large-volume items where it is difficult to solve where they need a lot to achieve.

Therefore, it is necessary to get a smooth operation and well maintained hotel or facility it is important to handle and monitor the allocation of funds for operating needs and maintenance of the hotel successfully based on occupancy ratio, where the main department members are knowledgeable about how to adjust their budget accordingly. Key employees responsible for budget preparation shall ensure that the assigned fund is disposed of separately for the intended purpose. The gate that follows the goal will be an infinite task that does not have certain or certain achievements.

Budget Cost Budget is as important as Operational Plan in the case of hotel operations.

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