Unlisted children, homeowners and household workers

What the future concerns for "unlisted employees" should attract household entrepreneurs – especially if the government decides to crack down on these employers.

When immigration doors opened to Amnesty Law, many from Mexico and Central America took advantage. Millions flooded the gates and followed legal steps to enter this country while doing work no one else wanted. These immigrants and others from all over the world got into the system and paid their fees.

Today, most of these proper documents are working here. They are confirmed and are those who deserve jobs. When the immigration doors were closed, people found other ways of coming in. Why not? People who intend to enter the country illegally report that they can escape poverty and corruption by bringing the family to a country where they can make decent living, pay no taxes and get free benefits.

However, they could have different thoughts if they came here and discovered that they were not jobs because employers were afraid to hire unlisted workers for fear of stiff bribery and penalties or imprisonment time to break federal law. Also, if they found there were no free benefits to help their families survive, they would probably be in their own country.

Even though increased awareness is about domicile, there is little concern about doing so. A number of talented individuals who failed to comply with law hurt their career because of that.

Curiously, many employers in perspective, aware of the consequences of violation of law, simply felt that it did not matter whether they censured illegally because "they were not running at the office."

The truth is known, the real reason many employers do not follow the rules is because they want to hire cheap labor and are not interested in placing domestic workers on payroll. Aggregate costs, along with paperwork, have often seen a little too shocking. Translated, money is the driving force when it makes many of these types of decisions.

Think about the possible consequences of hiring a grandson or homeowner responsible for caring for a child and home in the hands of someone who does not even have a valid ID number. Imagine the difficulty of monitoring such an employee if something bad was happening.

It is important for employers to know that households are not independent contractors and must be placed on payroll. Many employers who hire documented employees continue to pay cash. This type of practice raises US people in higher taxes, but allows those who choose to live here and become legal entities for compensation and never pay in the system.

It's not easy to solve this problem. As long as there are employers willing to pay cash for illegal and documented immigrants, the flood across our border will continue. The effect will drain our social services in the place where they become bankrupt and simply shut down.

Entrepreneurs who employ this bias are responsible for creating the economic situation in many countries throughout the country. It is no longer possible to speak from both sides of our mouth.

The feeling of constantly hiring documented workers and want to see that floods of illegal immigrants enter the country is something that most Americans support. To prevent the flood, it is important to limit health and well-being to unlisted employees who never pay taxes to support such plans.

America is a national law and does not have to suffer to save the world at the expense of its own economy. If the countries of Central America and Mexico were less damaged and more interested in the welfare of their people, so many people would not flee. It is not the responsibility of the US taxpayer to take care of all individuals who want to live here.

Our focus should be on those who came here legally and who are part of the system. There is no reason for being a gardener, factory worker, grandson, homeowner or field worker should have considered denial, a small paid job for "illegal immigrants".

High unemployment is all over the country. Why not raise these jobs, pay a decent salary and ensure that only those who are legally working and willing to pay into our system are those in work as we all do to get the benefits of this wonderful country has to offer?

Source by Marta Perrone

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