Why measure the cleaning performance?

In order to attract new guests and keep the current hotel must offer high quality services. Now, people do not just want to spend the night at a hotel but they want to go home. Hospitality staff, excellent cuisine, the highest service and friendly reception are something every visitor is looking for in a hotel. They say something that can be measured can be improved. This is absolutely true to the hotel where the competition will be very crazy. Indeed, in order to improve performance and make future plans, it is very important to be aware of current performance. Every hotel that claims to be successful must have strategic plans and visions. In order to monitor implementation of agreed policies, managers and owners need reliable and effective performance assessments and policies, such as balance support cards widely used in various industries.

As previously mentioned, sanitation and cleaning services are very important, especially for a five-star hotel. Guests will sleep in clean beds, have a shower in clean bathrooms and come back to a clean hotel suit when they leave. Cleanliness is perhaps the strongest connection with hotels. The efficiency of housekeeping can be measured in different ways. Customer evaluation is one of them. However, say reviews about something that has already happened or does not happen, but hotel managers need information about current hygiene features. This is where the balance score table comes into play.

As is known, balance charts are used to evaluate key performance options, which are measures that target key performance factors for various business-related issues. If we are talking about housekeeping, we should choose the most important KPIs related to sanitation and sanitation. Which key performance indicators are most relevant for housing? In this article we will mention some of them.

Let's take such a key test indicator as the number of rooms per marriage. It may happen that one of the assistants in the premises is taking care of too many hotel suites that adversely affect the quality of cleaning services. If this is the case, the human resources department of a particular hotel requires more cleaners. On the contrary, it can be seen that one service representative regularly cleans only a few clothes and can handle more jobs.

Laundry services also need to be assessed correctly. Sleeping in dirty beds is definitely a bad idea. It is possible to estimate such key performance indicators as change of bed linen in one stay, requests of guests to change a line, etc. Regular vacuum is also important and needs to be measured. The same concern is all other hygiene measures.

Using a balance support card not only helps to evaluate the current hygiene performance but also save costs and use sensible clean staff, cleaners and equipment. Without a doubt, sanitation services are part of general hotel services that need to be improved. By implementing goals in this area, designers contribute to the implementation of financial markets.

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