3 Ideal home based business ideas for one mom

As one mom, you have more responsibility towards your child because you need to play three roles: father, mother and breadwinner. It is because the higher demands of parents who make domestic business especially attractive single parents. If you are interested in starting out alone, here are some ideas to consider.

Housekeeping Services

This is especially useful for mothers who are children of age as they still need constant monitoring. Of course, you can not really offer a service if you do not have the necessary skills. This basically involves all the tasks of cleaning houses such as sweeping floors, vacuuming the furniture, changing the bed and taking care of dirty dishes and laundry.

When you accept sanitary care, please inform your customers that you may need to take your child with you. You must, of course, make sure you have your child with you, will not affect the quality of your work in any way.

You can build your rate on the types of tasks required by you, the size of the area requires cleaning and the time needed to complete work.

You should have a good vacuum cleaner as well as the main cleaners and supplies. You should also work to eliminate your business from others. For example, you can offer a new food product offering, cook the meal or walk your dog. Anyone may be able to do housing, but few can do it with their own style and abilities.

Pet Care

Being an animal lover could be the basis for the next bread and butter. If you want to offer pet service directly from home, you probably need a medium sized garden or a lot of pets to run loosely. Pet service has a dog show, gives them daily walks, cares for aging and sick pets and train them.

It would help you if you have a training certificate but you can always give them a one-day free trial of your services, such as offering your clients a fault with their dogs how to download the newspaper. You should always have a booklet or marketing material that describes all the lessons that their pet will learn when they are registered.

You can definitely offer pet horses too, but this would require you to invest a little in equipment and services. You will need a hairdryer, at least, including all beauty salons and supplies specially designed for animals.

Network Marketing

Last but not least, you should also consider testing your hand in online marketing. In this type of business, it is only the skills of your market that will be your investment. You do not have to spend anything, but you need to know how to identify which people make ideal and how to look for their hot button – who will enable them to respond immediately to your offer.

In online marketing you can do your business online or on your own. You should also focus on hiring more people to make up your downline because the more people there are in the team, the more time you spend with your child.

These three online business ideas are generally considered perfect for single mothers because they offer you flexible working hours and allow you to bring your child to work if necessary. Good luck with explaining the future for you and your child!

Source by Daegan Smith

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