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You can deny what you want, but toilet and bathroom cleaning is one of the home projects we really want to get through as soon as possible. Generally, the living room or bedroom only needs sweeping, liquid vacuum and / or mopping. However, the toilet and the bathroom must be cleaned much more effort and time to clean, wash, wipe and brush. After all, because the bacterial infection simply does not ignore the fact that the toilet and the bathroom are a very important part of our homes and our lives. It plays an important role that we should appreciate and be aware of.

Nowadays with our busy lives, challenging jobs and fast-paced lifestyle, it seems likely to give up chores for our period. But the work still has to be such that we switch to a professional cleaning service to do all unclean work. This thrill to create a quick life with a little time to clean has made a cleaner service a popular. So if you are setting up a cleaner or you already have one, there are some tips on how to clean the toilet and your bathrooms that are sure to impress your customers.

First, if you notice any maintenance issues that need to be addressed, be sure to advise your client. They will probably appreciate this very much, and if you suggest it before you do something, this can prevent problems that are being taught. Always be safe.

Start the hardest part to clear first. Toilets, soap containers and sinks, keep cleaning the walls, the shower and the tiles, and finally, clean and rinse the floor on the way out and try not to mention what you've been there! 🙂

Baking soda in hot water tends to work well with removing soap pads and is a safe and effective cleaning agent.

Hard liquid tablets can be cleaned with vinegar or lemon juice. If you use vinegar, be sure to use something to cover the smell! 🙂

If you notice any maintenance issues that need to be addressed, please advise your client. They will probably rate this very much.

Mosses brushes and mushrooms are the safest materials for use. But if it's inevitable to use abrasives like cleaning clean coarse tiles, just take care to treat them.

Wash a mixer and never let go of hair. A glossy mixer catches an eye and if they see a lot of hair in the sink they will start looking elsewhere for the rest.

Keep this up and your customer will love you as we love us!

Source by Brett Brown

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