Finding the right mistress

Let's look at it. Our lives are very busy and there are a lot of things to keep us occupied. Many women are trying to be great at the job market, great mom and yes, even great women. In addition, as women, we need a certain amount of time for grooming and healthcare. This leaves very little time to keep the house orderly and clean.

While for most of us, housing help may seem like luxury if you see this as an investment instead of cost making it a good idea. If you are working outside the house, you have more time and energy to protect your career and city progress in the long run. If you are a mom, with more time, energy and peace of mind will only benefit your children. If you are both, then you are sure that the investment is exponential.

Before you find a homeowner, list a list of all the chores you want to complete:

1. In the kitchen, cleaning the cabinets and appliances, inside and out, sinks, table tops, floors, trash and more.
2. In the bathroom, clean the toilet, bathtub and or shower.
3. Of course, it is generally dusty, shining mirrors, barter, suction bowl, sweeping, indoor windows, washing dishes and breaking laundry, etc.

Priority and then try to estimate how long it should be taken. Thus, you have instructions on how many hours you need to hire someone. Keep the list and the estimated time for each chore when you interview.

Some features that you should look for in good mistress are:

a. Reliability
b. Integrity
c. Taking initiative
d. Good attitude
e. Hard to work

These results should be evaluated by viewing references. If a homeowner is new to this, keep in mind whether they have these features.

Of course, sanitation skills are very important, but a new landlord may be skilled and instructed how to do things as you wish. Before starting a homeowner, show the products you want to use and educate them about where and when they should be used. I advise my customers to mark each product. Most importantly, tell them which products should never be used at different endings. For example: Never use steel wool on stainless steel; Never clean a self-cleaning oven with a detergent (otherwise specially used for it) or steel wool as they will destroy the surface and can not clean itself. Never use pink on rugs or colored fabrics; Never use products that contain ammonia on a tree; etc. Provide instructions for time approximately how long you expect each chore to be completed. For the first time, be available and check every few times to make sure everything is going as you like. When everything seems to be going well, step back and not stimulate. Let the man trust, respect and believe that the job will be done correctly. If something is not like you, pray politely that it will be done next time in a certain way. If you have additional tasks that need to be completed, ask if it can be reached in the assigned timeframe or if you need additional time.

Increasing the help in the house will create a more relaxed atmosphere. You will enjoy a clean, more organized environment that promotes creativity and productivity. I highly recommend it.

Source by Naomi Moskowitz

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