Good IT Terms of Service

Computers are important to our business world and when they go wrong we realize that we can not do business without them! Although modern computers are much more reliable than once, important office computers must be checked regularly and watched to minimize the possibility of going wrong and reducing the drama if they do. In SMEs, most of the requirements for ongoing computer maintenance in the office are ignored and the consequences of losing valuable work are costing thousands of business thousands of time and losing business.

Virus Protection

There are a lot of nasty viruses out there and if you browse the internet or receive email you are at risk. Be sure that all computers on the web have the latest virus software, where there are many products in the market, including a good range of free applications. Once installed, make sure the application is set to update automatically at least once a day with the new virus notes to ensure you are protected.


Copy your computer is necessary and something that will always be forgotten until the inevitable hits! If your work documents, reports and emails are necessary for your business, do not lose losing them if something goes wrong. Portable USB hard drives are affordable, reliable and offer high storage capacity. In conjunction with free backup software like Cobian, you can copy all your important information automatically and every day. If you have a fast and reliable internet connection, you might want to consider a network resolution.

Windows Updates

Microsoft releases regular updates to keep your software running properly. It's tempting to install this automatically and forget about it, but if Microsoft decides to release a major update, it might be caught in your network, as all computers in your company will download it at the same time. While it requires careful management, set Windows to only notify you of downloads and schedule time each week or month for an experienced IT person to analyze updates and retrieve it if necessary. (Do not forget to turn off notification settings for Windows updates).

Email Management

We all know how tempting it is to store all emails that have been received, but this makes huge mistakes in the performance of your email application. The biggest problem usually forgets to clear the deleted items folder. Often, thousands of emails are leaking here year after year and slow down your computer. Certainly, you would not keep anything in the trash, so what do you expect, get the currently empty folder and free up valuable space! Use a Compact Folder facility if you use MS Outlook to recover space after you delete

Browser Management

Every time you visit a website, download to your computer; These are temporary files, such as images, cookies and code. Over time, this may slow down your browser and even stop it to work altogether. Adjust the time periodically to clear these files using your built-in browser tools

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