Home Design Strategy for 2014

New years often make people want new changes in their lives. One of the most common changes homeowners decide is to make up a room, if not their entire house. This is a breakdown of trend action broken down into room by room.


  • Droughts have become more popular than baths over the years. The shower experience itself is something that many homeowners are looking to change. Gone are a day shower / bathtub comb, and standing alone showers are getting redesign. Homeowners are leaving the curtains and stall doors, instead of opting to open the shower experience.
  • Insulated bathtubs are becoming more popular for people who enjoy a massage. The pots are becoming more of a focus on the bathroom though. With the popularity of the bath tubs, all bathrooms are often designed around the pot itself. This is far from the fact that the tiles are bathtubs from 50 to 60 years old.
  • Floating vanity is a way to make a small bathroom a little bigger by loosening the floor space in the bathroom. The minimum value of one shelf and mirror above the sink has become an ever-increasing trend. It solves the clutter and gives the bed a more sterile sense.


  • Bright colors with black accents have to become more popular. The high contrast is to take on the classic black and white kitchen. It gives homeowners the opportunity to get more personality and taste in the kitchen design.
  • Copper and misleading copper are big this year. Tremors from the bright Polish chrome and nickel, copper and copper have a warmer, natural feel.
  • Renewable and recycled product has replaced expensive forest and marble. Easily renewable materials, such as bamboo, have become popular for tables, table tops, even floors.

Living room

  • Turquoise has become the most popular color for living rooms. In recent years a lot of greens and blues have been used, but it is almost natural to finish turquoise. Deep and rich turquoise, not inadequate and pale, has been shown in upholstery, wall coverings, furniture and walls.
  • The high risk of consumer goods has left people looking for vintage and simple. The order from Ikea is just not cutting it for the people anymore. Now most people find great works in commodities, flea markets and antiquities. Parts that need to be done are also popular because people can customize the work themselves.
  • Recycling electrical outlet was something that was bound to happen. The new U-plug-in has two USB ports, so homeowners are not always looking for a place to charge the phone. The outlets also have a smart sensor that stops charging when the device has fully charged.

Source by David Felt

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