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Cleaning Cleaning is a full job and something that needs to be kept on top of. One of my favorite housing measures to break down seems a big task, looking at what needs to be done in the room after the room. That's not to say that you should do the things room with a room. After all, some tasks have to be done daily and others weekly. However, if you look at which household cleaning you need to fill a room with a room, it helps you to complete a general cleanup plan.

What I have a tendency to do is look at what room needs to be cleaned. Then I break down the pieces for that room. You can then build a list of things, so you know you will not miss anything when it comes to having a daily, weekly, and monthly home-cleaning plan.

So here are my cleansing tips on what to do

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom and shower are two big challenges that must be met first. Make sure mildew or mold. A shower or shower must be tackled quickly before it is spread. Toilet is next, cleaning inside and out. Then take the sink and surrounding areas, and do not forget the mirrors, washbasins and shelves.

Complete the floor, cover or use dust to remove hair and dust. Here I would use a disinfectant or polypropylene cleaner

Kitchen Cleaning

The refrigerator and top of the kitchen cabinets are likely to be the challenge here. You want to keep the surface cleaned regularly. Make sure you get under the devices you can dry as you go. Often, you need to be treated regularly, because if not, it will only be a bigger task and more difficult. The microwave is another easy-to-maintain device, if it is done on a regular basis. My advice is to put slices of lemon into a dish of water and a microwave oven for 3 minutes. Then wipe the inside with a papercloth or a dry cloth.


Change your bedding at least once a week or twice if you are in a hot climate or in the summer. Regular washing of your bedding in high setting will kill dust mites. Regularly dust and pull back the bed and open the window while you are having breakfast and breakfast. This helps reduce the humidity of the room and will reduce dust mites.

Home Office

Computers are magnetic. Keyboards can be quickly riddled with cavity and germs. Stain cleaners with the right device can help to get between these unpleasant spaces on the keyboard. You can also buy cans of compressed air that blast dirt and crumbs from your keyboard. Clean the computer screens carefully and use the cleaner for use with LCD and Plasma TVs.


Wash the blanket or, in the case of wood or laminate flooring, sweep and clean. Dense circle of the door and the skirting. Lockers, bookcases and televisions will also need to be removed. If you have plasma or LCD, be very careful with the display and use an expert cleaner and cloth. Wipe up a box, DVD player and game consoles. All ornaments or vases need a good dust. Wipe down or vacuum in sofas and armchairs, depending on their content. Remember that the back of the couch can be made of old crumbs and bits of food. Always check the back cover and keep it clean.

Window Cleaning

Clear the windows both inside and outside. Regularly keeping will make window cleaning much easier and lead to brighter life. If you do not have local windows to do outside, you need to get there at least once a month, so dirt outside the window does not build up.

Floor Cleaning

My dad used to shove the hallway and the kitchen floor every night after everyone had gone to bed. That's how it was beautiful and clean when everyone came down in the morning and because he made this order, it was easier to keep the clean sparkling floor.


Hold on, put your feet up and have coffee (or something stronger) and put your feet up.

Source by Clive Illenden

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