Sanitation is never an endless task

Housekeeping is a term used by us when we want to say something about keeping the house tidy and clean. Cleanliness should not be a chore just for the woman in the house. It can be shared with all members of the family. If everyone does a little it would not sound as scary as it does! The general cleanliness of the house does not only make the house good but also ensures good health of its members where hygiene is maintained.

Entertainment can make fun work too, especially if children are also involved. Do not think of sanitation as a boring and heavy job in lieu of healthy activities. Follow some of the pointers given and make your home a healthier and safer place.

To begin with, we must know the main tasks involved. First, we must keep our homes clean every day and do not allow dirt and dust to accumulate over time. This prevents the growth of small microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. This usually grows in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Keeping these areas clean reduces the likelihood of infections and diseases. Daily sweeping and swabbing floors help maintain the cleanliness of the house especially if children and pets are in the house. Water retention mattresses once a week helps to get rid of dust mites that cause respiratory infections in children and adults.

Seasonal apparel, such as sweaters, shawls, etc., should cover plastic bags and vacuum cleaners so that fungi, termites, other insects do not harm them. Nafthenin balls should be stored with these clothes.

Baby clothes should be washed and dried just before it is stored away. Spring cleaning, even if there is no weather, a good idea, give up old clothes, toys, books, etc. If your children have grown, it helps to reduce the clutter and recycling is good for the environment. If children are not willing to share with their items, point out garden sales and the money that can be obtained can be used to make use of something.

Dusting can be medical, try whistling or put on some music it helps you do your job better and with less stress. Think of it as an aerobic exercise that will help you.

Encourage your children to do these jobs from a young age, it will give them an understanding of responsibility and performance.

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