Traditional Nurse Uniform Versus Nursing Scrubs

When you first think about the words Nurses & # 39; uniform, what images are raised in your head? Perhaps you think about the traditional nurse in a dress and a cap. You might think of a nurse who simply wearing a pair of Barco scrubs. Some of you could first think of a nurse in a Halloween costume. What pictures come first in your mind, nurses & # 39; Uniformity has undergone several major changes in the last century.

Some First Nurses & # 39; uniforms were actually quite similar to normal nuns. This is due to the fact that the nuns were those attending to the sick and therefore the nursing products were performed in a similar manner. In general, the nurse is an old style uniform of dress with apron and cap. This style seemed to continue for some time with only a few minor changes over the years.

In the past twenty years, nurses have become more popular than traditional nurses & # 39; uniform. In addition to being easier to clean than a dress and apron, scrubs are usually more comfortable to wear. Nowadays, scrubs are borne by the general medical profession. Surgeons, pediatricians, dentists and veterinarians just to name a few all usually wear scrubs.

While scrubs are generally worn and approved by those in the medical profession, those who want to wear scrubs are the ones who prefer to be in traditional nurse "uniforms." Those who prefer to be in a standard uniform trust Generally, wearing scrubs is like being in the pajamas to work. They also believe that their patient is able to know them as nurses in conventional disinfectants and wearing cleaning agents even wearing the cleaning. Those who want scrubs believe they are very practical when comes to comfort. They are also trying to get rid of the stereotype for nurses that a traditional sock lives often. Not to mention today in the world, there are many male nurses in the field that would obviously be offended by conventional disinfectants.

Whether the side of the fence as You must be depending on your own style. In most cases, it depends on which generation you belong to. The traditional preschools & # 39; uniforms seem to be a blast from the past. However, there are still some countries where they are still in a standard uniform rather than scrubs. However, nurses who care for us every day deserve great respect for us and thank you for doing their hard work. Without nurses, most people entering hospital's emergency rooms, miss the actual care that only nurses seem to provide.

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