Security Compliance

Coordination here is primarily a concern to prevent fire and theft and the preservation of keys and lost property. There are so many security risks on the floor that this communication is particularly important as the homeowner works by striving to see that employees in the premises are aware of the dangers. The headmaster should also immediately report to security personnel about suspicious nature. However, the visitor can take advantage of this privacy and may engage in certain illegal activities such as gambling, smuggling and so on. Sanitation workers must be aware of these risks and seek the safety department if necessary. The Security Department is responsible for executing training agreements for dealing with emergency situations for the staff. For example, they conduct fire training to train staff to fuel.

Food and Drinking Coordination

The Food and Beverage Department comprises both service departments and the kitchen. Coordination of housing with restaurants and banquets is primarily a matter of concern to provide linen and uniforms. The doctor, under the supervision of the homeowner, needs to have enough napery to meet the requirements of the F & B department and the feast. In his part, the manager should ensure that the time spent on changing the corner is respected. that the line is not lost or abused; and that the feeling of the future banquet is transferred to the house in advance. In addition to extra / special linen, cleaning can also be arranged for flower arrangements for festivals.

Coordination between the two departments will be particularly necessary in the case of room service so that friction does not arise such as servers that do not collect parcels from rooms or service departments that leave unclean trays in the tunnel or cause increased work through a careless pour on the carpet.

In many hotels, housing also looks at pest control in restaurants, kitchens and related stores. Both restaurants and kitchen staff needed clean uniforms every day, they need to interact with housing. However, the availability of meals for homeowners is the responsibility of the kitchen service.

Human Resource Consensus

Human Resources Department for Human Resources, Managing Human Resources, Managing Their Wages and Salaries, Suffering Suicidal Remedies, Following Suspicious Methods, Issuing Employee Credits, Running Developer Program, Maintaining Your Closet, Satisfying income tax reforms, carry out transfers, promotions, food reviews and final-form models, buy students and organize training agreements.

Compliance with the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department buys household goods, such as giftware and amenities, stationery, linen, cleaners and equipment, and so on. Complaints should be transferred to a pre-notice in the form of a purchase claim.

Merger with shops

Merchant Matching ensures supply of daily necessities of property. The larger hotels have a shop that accompanies the hall of the house, which supplies linen, supplies and so on. Smaller hotels may store them in general store, except for linen that is sent to the customer service department. Communication with stores is by getting a form of supply that the hosting sends to stores when it requires certain items.

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