New life – to work a mixture of cleaners according to environmental needs, the choice of microfiber deposition from dust or dust with low fiber, clean, sensitive or convex surface, but to effectively prevent finishing the surface of the object. Villus-like design greatly increases the relationship area, can …

[Nýtt líf – Vinnandi sópavörur] Measure environmental protection requirements, use a microfiber dust wall or clean a fiber dust to clean a sensitive or concave and convex surface, and can effectively prevent finishing the surface of the objects. Fluffy design greatly enhances the union area, can penetrate a little cracks to clean the dust. Vertical storage design, after use can be stored in the protection box, easy hygiene. Can be reused after cleaning.
Pay attention to these five new videos this week for a new life. By answering the questions that accompany the final picture, you will have the opportunity to get MUJEN sweetener for your new year's day.
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