Sanitation for a modern mom

Typical Saturday for mom is to dress up children, break children, pay bills, teach children, hug children, see children, break children, read the mail, run love or two, feed children, bath children and pick children in bed . For moms who work professionals and moms who work at home with a mother, each of them is busy. It can be complicated to organize and maintain a house well while being a moving mom. Regular practices that include all family members are the key to successful housing.

Getting Started

Use a list of five households that have to be done every week: Cleaning the bathrooms, the soaking floor, washing and washing floors are examples. You need to decide what's the most important weekly activity to help the house to be clean. Whatever you need to complete to keep your house functional and hygienic should be on the list of five.

Now, take them chores and determine if you want to spread them out every day of the week. Do you want to take an hour and do them all on the same day? That's your choice. Determine a certain amount of time each day or week that you have to spend on home maintenance.

Engaging in Children

What are some of the projects your children can participate in? Can your children make their beds? Can they sweep the floor? Understand that what they do will not be perfect at first, but as they grow older, they will be able to improve their sanitizing skills. It is not just about perfection but hosting and their contribution to the family.

Common rules

Mark breakfast as Morning Chores. Each day starts the day with projects this morning. As they study their jobs and become more independent, you will be able to add more and different tasks in the morning for your own treatment. They do not have to be unbreakable or difficult, but they are basic practices like dressing, brushing hair, making your bed and eating breakfast.

Perform evening meal as well. They participate in these actions next to you. Clean and wipe the table, load the dishwasher and sweep the floor, everything can be done while watering. When everyone is involved, it's fun and done quickly.

Mom is busy but by implementing the basic principles and by participating in children, well-run home can be run well. By doing these practices, it will soon be normal for everyone to contribute.

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