Tipping and Etiquette in the United States

Note: This information is not public. It's only serve as an example of what to expect when you travel to the United States.


Dining with table service: The United States is recommended for dining in restaurants. Generally, the rule of thumb, the tip of people is based on the quality of service. A 15% tip is standard. If you get excellent service, it is normal between 15-20%. For large parties of 6 or more, it is common for the restaurant to automatically place 15-18% on the account. If you have a big party, be sure to check your account for "gratuity" to see if it already was included. If you have received outstanding services, you can ask to add more for good. And of course, if you did not get an adequate service, you should notify your managers before you pay your account and have corrected your payment.

In most countries, food tax is applied to the bill and clearly identified as such on the bill or the control. In those states where taxes are 5% (Massachusetts as an example) or 6%, it is simple to calculate the tax rate up or down to the next dollar, then multiply by three.

Buffet Restaurants: Buffet restaurants with limited table service are advised to use 10-15% of the account because the servers usually work harder to keep the buffet in stock and clean. As a rule of thumb, the minimum tip must be $ 1 per person. As always, if you think you have not been well served, set gratuity down, or add gratuity for outstanding services.

Fast food or service: Dining often depends on tips on tables, but you do not need a tip. If the service is exemplary or unusual requests are made then they are expected.


Cleaning and service: For hotel cleaning and service fees, it is customarily a tip of $ 2-3 per night. It is custom to tip up to $ 5 in high-end hotels, or f are more than 3 people in a room or suite. Leave them on a pillow with an explanation that says "thank you" so that the knowledge for the money is meant for them. If you have more items delivered in your room, such as extra pillows, hangs, luggage, thank those who brings them $ 2 or $ 3.

Host: If you ask a host for directions or restaurant reservations, no alcohol is expected. However, for any special person or unusual service, thank you very much.

Bathman's Bed: Always read the bill, if there is one included, it will be the cancellation. Ask your server if you are not sure. It is no longer a norm for the hotel to add gratuity to the bill. Which "service charge" or "convenience fee" goes to the hotel, not on the server. If no gratuity is added, please tick the server 15-18%.

Bellman / porter: If your dad or porter takes the luggage in your hotel room, it's custom to tip $ 1-2 per bag.

Taxis: It's usually a tip in the range of 10-15% of the luggage, based on services.

Hotel Limo Driver: If your journey from the airport was "free", it's usual to tip Limo drivers between $ 10-20.

Drinker: While in a casino or bar, it's custom to tip the drinker $ 1-2 for each drink. Some tip $ 5 for the first drink to make sure that the waitress "remembers" them and returns often.

Valet Parkers: For parking, it's custom to tip $ 2-5 when picking up your car.


Casino Players: Although it is listed in a casino game, it is usual to tell the dealer 5% of the bet at the end of the meeting or sometimes bet the dealer in the amount of betting (the vendor can show you where to put a bet).

Slot Machines: If they make handles (over $ 1,000), machines on the machine are usually paid between $ 10-20.

Drinker: While in a casino or bar, it's custom to tip the drinker $ 1-2 for each drink. Some tip $ 5 for the first drink to make sure that the waitress "remembers" them and returns often.


Massager: For massage or other treatments, it is customary to tip between 10-20%. Some penalties will include gratitude in your last account, so be sure to ask if it was included. Most spas will provide you with an envelope to go to the reception for the one who gave you the treatment. Also, if you want to leave a small tip of $ 2-5 for a spa attendant who showed you around the spa and got you located, you're welcome.

Hair care manager or manicurist: For hairdressing, manicurist or as a service, the tip is usually a tip in the range of 10-20%.

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