Prepare the winter successfully thanks to this list of household and maintenance equipment

The fall is still possible to take advantage of beautiful days and mild temperatures to carry out strict housing measures inside and outside the property to prepare for the winter.

The fall is on our door and large spring cleaning. Decontamination allows you to arrange and prepare your home to celebrate the change in season, so we store, we clean, we clean to get back in a good way and so that our interior is healthy. Whether it is for energy, get better comfort or to prevent potential damage; it's good to have a list of tips for some jobs to run this fall … because here it is! And do not forget, the key to success in this home maintenance is logging! Now you have to evaluate the work you put into the process. Of course, you can always turn to experts to help you manage your workload instead. The key is simply to get everything done.

Prepare outside your home:

– Check out the roof. If the roof protector allows it, please start your viewing with the telescope. Locate or damage the shingles and divide them. Check the status of flashes, lights and seals;

– Clear all windows inside and outside;

– Clean the slides. Remove the leaves and all debris. Pay particular attention to the downspout: Use a hose and running water to ensure that the grids are closed.

– Seal cracks. Carefully observe the foundation and if you see cracks, seal them. Take a chance to check your home's external clothing situation;

– Sopa the fireplace. It is recommended to sweep the chimney one to three times a year, according to its use. In the fall, we must ensure that no estate or birdhouse is inside the fireplace;

– Release water. Clean and disconnect the fluid intestine. Switch off the water supply of the outside and rinse it;

– Keep all exterior accessories, such as patio furniture and barbecue. When the ground is frozen, do the winter protection system on trees and shrubs;

Prepare the house inside:

– Check the doors and windows. Make sure that the doors and windows are well-ventilated and replace the weather level if broken. Change the mosquito net with a stormy window;

– Clean carpets, rugs and curtains. Good cleaning of carpets, blankets and curtains help improve air space. To do so you can use steam equipment or appealed to a professional;

– Preventing heating and warning smoking during testing. Regardless of the heating system you use, you must continue to maintain it. Get a service from an authorized contractor if your facilities operate with gas or heating oil. Vacuum electric baseboards;

– Arrange your clothes and your closets. Go through each room in your house and get rid of unwanted items, feeding floor clutter and gold items that you have no use for. If you have not used it last year, you will probably never. It's easy to start seeing your home options when you get rid of all the overriding items;

– Eliminate well-known insects in your home and kill rodents! The big fall cleaning is also useful for eliminating dust mites. In the fall, scenarios are ideal for these tiny invaders, like rats, mice, bays, beds and more, to get into your house. You also do not have to alienate them on your own either.

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